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My Job

What is my job? A simple and entertaining game that can be played by a parent with their child, or shared by several children. The idea of the game is… One of the children thinks about the job he dreams of working in the future, and this child does not tell the rest of his partners in the game what this job is, and the other children participating in the game must try to correctly guess the job that the child thought about, by asking the child who thought about it. The job contains several questions (seven questions, for example), provided that his answers to the questions are yes or no. These questions could be like: Do you use specific tools for this job? Do you perform this job on the street? When one of the children participating in the game guesses the job, he must tell everyone about it. If his guess is correct, he will have won the game. If his guess is wrong, that will be deducted from the seven questions that the participating children have the right to ask the child. If the seven questions end without success, If the children correctly guess the job that the first child thought of, that child will have won. Then the game is repeated again, another child thinks of the job, the rest guess… and so on
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