Android Game

Jobs People Do

What do you wish to become when you grow up? Would you like to become a doctor? A police officer? Or maybe a football player? Children are frequently asked about the job that they would like to have in the future, and their answers vary.

This fun application is the gate that will walk your child through to the world of jobs and different professions. Your child will get to know the name of each job, what the people who have these jobs do and the tools they use which will help them determine their desired job accordingly.Moreover, in this application your child will find the pictures of people who have different jobs divided into pieces, and they have to mix and match them correctly in order to complete the character. They can also form their own fun figures through using pieces from different characters; by doing so your child will learn to differentiate between different colors, directions, clothes and jobs which will increase their creativity and focus. Furthermore, the ‘Memory Cards’ game will develop your child’s focus and attention to details.In addition, your child will enjoy taking a cartoonish photo of themselves in the dream job they wish to have in the future by simply using the camera. This application had been designed for children to use with ease without any aid from adults, and they can switch from one screen to another without any difficulty.

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