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The Train of Alphabets(Arabic)

The Train of Alphabets is an interactive educational application that helps your children pronounce the English alphabet correctly and visually learn the letters in a fun and engaging manner through linking the letters of the alphabet with popular animal names. The application improves children’s skills

through attracting their attention and engaging their senses as reflected in the pleasantly colorful ABC train that has 26 wagons, representing the 26 letters of the English alphabet alongside animal names representing the respective letter. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a nice cartoon character that you can press to listen to the pronunciation of the letter and view it. After your child listens to the pronunciation of the letter and the respective animal name, they can record it in their own voice and listen to it again. Your child can use the alphabet education application by themselves very easily; and they can also browse through its screens with ease. In addition, the alphabet education application can be used in nursery or school education with ease.


– Letters and things around us

– Letters in the zoo

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