The easiest way for your child to obey your commands

Many parents get angry at their children when the children refuse to do something. This may lead to the mother screaming at her child, or even hitting the child. To avoid all of this,…

There are several easy and effective methods that you can follow with your child so that he does not complain and obeys your commands. The first method: is clarity and simplicity in the requests we ask of our children. The requests made of children must be precise, clear, and simple so that the task of implementing them is easy for the child, and he can carry them out easily. For example, we can say to him: Please bring your bag into your room now.

We must be careful not to blame the child and not criticize him. It is not correct to say: How could you leave your bag like this, and not bring it into your room? The second method is rewarding the child When the child does what he is asked to do well, we must reward him for that so that he feels satisfied and admired, and we can say to him: You have done what I asked of you perfectly, thank you. Or: I am very happy with you for what you have done. The third method: Using the method of counting numbers, which is to oblige the child to complete the work that you asked of him in a certain period, which is the period in which you will count from 1 to 5, for example, to allow him to leave playing and prepare himself for the work that you asked him to accomplish, and when the child begins to perform During the counting period that you specified for him, you must thank him for completing the task. The fourth method is to link your request to him with the implementation of something. For example, you can say to him: When you put your bag in and wash your hands, we will eat. Finally: You must pay attention to the child’s progress in implementing the commands, and express this to him and thank him. Encouragement is the key to success in this matter. You must encourage your child a lot so that he changes from complaining and rejection to obedience to his parents.

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